Wicked’s Stormy Penning Scripts for Company’s Productions

Wicked contract-performer Stormy has not only been starring in the company’s productions but has been writing scripts for their productions as well. 

The star of Wicked videos such as About A Woman, Heat and Not A Romance has penned the scripts to Without You and six other videos that will be coming out this year.  Without You was directed by AVN Award-winning director Brad Armstrong, stars Stormy herself and will be released by the company on September 10. 

“I like stuff that has many layers,” Stormy said to AVN.com of her storyline preferences.  “Therefore, mysteries are the easiest ones to do because there are so many twists and turns you can take.  I like comedies and police stories too.  I like writing so that the characters have depth to them. It’s just the way I write.”

Coming productions that use Stormy’s scripts include her first one for the company, Kink. Stormy wrote it for fellow contract performer Devinn Lane after she decided to begin performing boy/girl scenes and for fellow contract performer Sydnee Steele. 

“When I finished Kink, I didn’t put my name on it. The only person who knew that I had written it was Brad…..We gave it to Steve [Orenstein, Wicked pictures company head] he assumed that Brad had written it, I guess and he liked it, Devinn loved it, Sydnee loved it and then I was like, ‘Guess what?’ In case it really sucked, I didn’t want everyone to be like, ‘Oh, it’s really good, Stormy.’ I really didn’t want them to be influenced by the fact that I had written it,” Stormy said of her first script. 

Stormy’s writing background includes high school newspaper work and “notebooks and notebooks full of short stories and poetry.”

Stormy named Wicked’s Flashpoint as a video that inspired her porn writing.

“It had not just the story about the fire but it had the inner struggle with the two leads and they had a past together,” Stormy said of the video.

Stormy enjoys writing for the people she works with, saying of the process, “I know them. I know what they look like and I know what they can pull off and because we have contract directors, I know what each of their specialties are. I know who needs what I am giving them.”