Why Not Join Annie Sprinkle's EcoSex Walking Tour?

SAN FRANCISCO—Well, it's not as if they have a location yet, but Annie Sprinkle and Beth Stephens are holding an "EcoSex Walking Tour and Workshop" on Friday, August 5, in conjunction with SF's Center for Sex and Culture and the Femina Potens Gallery.

According to a press release, the pair—well-known for their Big Gay Eco-Sexual  Art Weddings which have been held around the country over the past year or so—are looking for "folks who are playful, willing, and who will sign a model release," since the whole event will be filmed for French TV—and anybody who's willing to get naked for the cameras will score $50.

"Explore your ecosexuality!" the release exclaims. "Find your e-spot; learn 25 ways to make love to the Earth; stimulate your senses. We will guide you on a deeply satisfying journey as we shift the metaphor from 'Earth as mother' to 'Earth as lover.' Try some eco-sexercises, such as arboreal frottage, licking rocks, making love to the roses, and eco-ecstatic breathing. We will create a safe and supportive atmosphere in which to explore. Join us for a really fun afternoon of connecting sensually and erotically with nature."

Sought are "a diverse group of participants. No previous experience is necessary. All levels, all sexual persuasions, ages, sizes and all genders," though we're guessing they'll be avoiding putting minors in sexually explicit situations.

Anyway, it all will take place Friday, August 5, somewhere between 2 and 7 pm (including travel time), though the location hasn't been pinned down yet. (They're offering $250 to anyone who's got some "beautiful, green, sex-positive ... private land ... where we can make love with the Earth.)

So if you're up for participating, or have a location, or just want more information, email Annie Sprinkle and tell her why you'd like to be part of this eco-sexual art project.