Where in the World Is Brandon Iron?

CYBERSPACE—Friends of AVN Hall of Famer Brandon Iron have been growing increasingly worried as of late about the performer/director's whereabouts and well being.

Iron has been living in Dublin, Ireland for several years with his girlfriend and daughter, and seems to have cut off all communication with industry friends and associates since sometime in April. His Twitter page continues to post auto-updates of sales from his ManyVids account, but the last original post he himself made appears to have been on March 26:


The last post he made on his Facebook page was on March 6:

Those who kept in contact with Iron regularly are highly concerned because they say it's unlike him not to respond immediately to messages. Their concern is heightened by the fact that companies who make regular revshare payments to him, including BrainCash, have been unsuccessful in delivering those payments since roughly the same time others lost contact with him.

In addition, rumors have reportedly surfaced that Iron committed suicide, and an unexplained message was left on his Facebook page on his birthday, July 14, that read: "RIP My Good Friend."

AVN will report any confirmed details pertaining to Brandon Iron's current status should they become available. If anyone has any information, they may send it to [email protected]

Photo of Brandon Iron taken from his Facebook page, as posted Dec. 10, 2018.

[Ed. note: AVN incorrectly indicated that JM Productions had been unable to deliver revshare payments to Iron, but have learned that the last payment the company owed to him was in fact processed in February 2018. We regret the error.]