Where In The (TV) World Is Savanna Samson?

NEW YORK — Well, we won't keep you in suspense: She had a cameo on "The Daily Show" last night.

The show's second segment, which was shot more than a month ago, featured a "preview" of its reporter Jason Jones, member of "The Best Fucking News Team On The Planet." Seems that Jones also has a day job starring in an action-adventure TV show, "Daily Show Nights." Jones slides over the hood of a sportscar, jumps 50-gallon drums, tries to climb a fence, almost goes over a cliff while hanging onto the windshield wipers of the crooks' getaway car ... but the segment's high point begins when the voice-over announcer says, "... and introducing Savanna Samson as CBS anchor Katie Couric."

After a brief shot of Samson stripping down to her panties - sadly, we only get the rear view - she props herself up in bed, covered only by a sheet, and queries, "Hey, Jones, you really think you've got the balls for that story?" 

"Hey, you can't spell 'cajones' without 'Jones'," he replies.

He blows her a kiss as he leaves, which she accepts with a sly smile. 

Even learning that Jones' "irrepressible sidekick" is a parrot named Mr. Wiggles couldn't top that.

This episode of "The Daily Show" will re-air on Comedy Central at 8 p.m. today.