‘When Pornstars Attack,’ Director Glenn King Captures the Action

Director Glenn King’s MeanBitch Productions is releasing its second series under the Evil Angel banner, When Pornstars Attack, on January 29. His first, Mean Cuckold, streeted last August. Prior to that, King’s work for Evil Angel had been distributed under Evil Angel’s Buttman Magazine Choice label.

According to King, When Pornstars Attack! is the first in a new series that has been 30 years in the making. “It involves sexual fantasies that have been bursting to get out of my head since I was a teenager,” King said. “The DVD features wild, intense, aggressive women attacking men and using them as sex-toys. It’s full hardcore sex between the wildest women in porn and men who aren’t afraid to let the woman be sexually in charge.”

Who are these wild women? The first edition of When Pornstars Attack features hardcore hardass Tory Lane plus three newer performers: Summer Brielle, Laela Pryce and Alexa Aimes. King says they are all “the kind of girls who enjoy being in charge and take what they want sexually.”

King describes how easy it was to convince Evil Angel’s head honcho to go for the new title. “When I pitched the idea to John Stagliano, I described it like this: ‘Imagine Tory Lane in a cage, pacing back and forth like an angry tiger, yelling “GIVE ME COCK!! I NEED COCK!!! BRING ME SOME COCK NOW, FUCKERS!” ... There’s a sign on the cage that says “Danger—PORNSTAR WILL ATTACK.”’ Before I could even finish describing it, he said something like, ‘I’m sold. You had me at “Imagine Tory Lane in a cage pacing back and forth.”’

“That’s exactly what we filmed for the first scene,” King said excitedly. “Tory tricks her guard into opening the cage a little and before he can blink she jumps on top of him and slams him to the ground. When she rips open his shirt, buttons go flying. Within minutes she is riding his cock like a wild bucking rodeo bull. You can see the sweat pouring from her face as her intensity level hits 10 and then 11.”

Anyone who’s seen Lane in action can imagine this scene, which King said “turned out to be everything we hoped for and much more.”

But Lane’s not the only aggressor. King said that all the other featured performers are all “up-and-cummers with one thing in common: They are aggressive girls who are at their best when they are allowed to ‘attack the cock.’”

King then relates a story about performer Alexa Aimes, who was on his radio show. (King does the Evil Angel Radio program on VividRadio.com.) “She broke my nose while demonstrating her aggressive facesitting techniques. I knew she would be perfect for this.”

And King, in turn, is the perfect director to helm this project, which dovetails with his own interests. “As you can probably tell, I’m very excited about this series,” he said. “It’s really a lot of fun to make a series about the kind of sex that I personally find the most appealing. I know I had great sex with a girl when I look down at my chest and see scratches and claw marks.”

See the trailer for When Pornstars Attack at EvilAngelVideo.com.

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