What’s Ahead: 'Underworld' Director Brad Armstrong

This interview originally ran in the March 2014 issue of AVN magazine. To see the rest of the print coverage of the AVN Awards Show, click here.

With Underworld named Movie of the Year at the 2014 AVN Awards Show, the Wicked Pictures director is fired up and ready to work just as hard this year as he did in 2013.

“The challenge begins again! Every year, whether you win or lose—if you win, it’s, ‘Okay, now I’ve got to compete with myself,” and if you lose, it’s ‘I’ve got to compete with the guy who just beat me.’ So each year you go in with new vigor and enthusiasm as February and March roll around. The first thing actually coming out is Asa Gets Wicked; that one's already shot, and I'm already excited about that one because that will be up for a bunch of all-sex awards and Best Star Vehicle and all that kind of stuff.

We've got three that I’m working on right now: One Asa movie, one Jessica movie, and one that all the girls are in. We are scheduling, if luck is with us, a Fallen 2, finally, five years later, and we're going to play it as five years later in time, so that’s one that all the girls will be in, and Jessica’s playing the lead again. We have another Asa movie that we’re going to shoot part of it here and part of it in Japan, so we’re excited about that one too. So we’ll see what else the year brings, what I can fit in before mid-June, which is the last time I can shoot in order to be ready for the September awards cut-off, with advertising, and we have to allow that extra month so all our members can see the movies on Wicked.com. Seems like good weather is upon us, so we’ll be able to shoot our outdoor scenes and night scenes without any problem.”

Above, Armstrong on stage at the 2014 AVN Awards Show next to Underworld cast and crew members Tommy Gunn, Cameron Dee, Xander Corvus, Andy Appleton, Jessica Drake and David Lord (behind Drake).