West Coast Productions Lands New Mr. Marcus Series

Mr. Marcus has signed up for a new series for West Coast Productions, a comedic all black gonzo that he hopes to debut at AEE in January.

“My personality for the series is one where I can be serious, I can be funny and I can definitely be sexual,” Marcus told AVN.com. “We’ll be doing skits based on headlines in the news. Like SNL, but we’ll make them sexual.”

“It’s also about finding new girls and new male talent and giving them a shot. And black talent needs that type of exposure,” he added.

Chick’ll Wiggle, the name of the series, indicates the comedic nature of the line. Marcus can’t say the name without laughing. And he’s finding the girls giggle when they hear the title, which sets the tone for the playful approach Marcus is taking with this video.

“The title comes from a type of candy. I’m the kid in the candy store. I make it so that it’s meant to imply happiness amongst the girls. It didn’t hit me till mid-shoot. ‘Chick’ll wiggle.’ I said it, and I just knew that was it,” Marcus explaining the origins of the title.

“Chick’ll wiggle,” Marcus says again for his own amusement.

One of the scenes that he intends to use in the first edition stars Mya Mason, who looks somewhat like a Williams sister, as a tennis player. The sex takes place on a tennis court. “I was shooting under her skirt— there is definitely something kinky about tennis players. Then I have her do a little dance to the Chick’ll Wiggle theme song,” Marcus says.

Marcus already has five scenes shot and is just tweaking them in the editing room, hoping to have a screener of the first edition ready to pass around at AEE. He just needs to find the time, which is hard for one of the top male talents, who also directs a series for Mayhem and hints of more directing opportunities in the future.

“The key to making the transition from performer to director is to have a  great production crew that makes it easier,” Marcus said. “But when I can go from performing to directing to producing and do it smoothly—that will be my challenge.”