Welcome to 'Molly's Life'


CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Antigua Pictures is giving "reality porn" fans a glimpse into Molly’s Life, an unscripted all-girl adventure starring Muffia.com contract player Molly. The DVD arrives in stores tomorrow.

Molly’s Life is web-based studio Muffia.com’s second DVD release for Antigua. The companies signed an exclusive distribution deal in February. “Distributors have really gotten behind this product in a big way,” says national sales manager David Peskin. “Interest in Molly’s Life has been phenomenal. Molly’s a gorgeous, hot blonde from Orange County and this movie follows her on her quest to bed equally hot chicks.”

Those in Molly’s Life include Lana Lopez, Mia Presley, Jamie Lynn, Allesandria Love, Devi Emmerson, Jesse, Cloe J, Marlie Moore.

To order, call Peskin at (818) 709-7400, fax (818) 709-7489, or email [email protected]

Prying eyes can see more of Molly at www.MollysLife.com.