Welcome to Internext - and the Internext Blog

Welcome to the 2004 Internext/AEE Porn Blog, a new experiment we're trying out for the first time. The goal of the blog is to let you experience the shows in REAL TIME, baby! Through out both conventions, AVN Online and AVN staff writers will be their little fingers on the keyboards, bringing you the events as they happen, complete with photos and the occasional video clip.

Monday, January 5, 2004 - 9:05a.m.

Sitting on the show floor, waiting for the first day to begin (doors open at 10:30 a.m.) as technicians put the last finishing touches to the AVN booth, configuring all the computers, the plasma screen, all the connections that will need to work. We're in Hall B instead of A of the Sand's Convention Center this year. The Adult Entertainment Expo (Jan. 8-11, 2004) will be in Hall A. Hall B is huge, approximately180,000 square feet; it feels like a hanger for the space shuttle. It makes all the booths look like little sand castles, even though the show used floor itself is massive and many of the booths have returned to the monstrous creations of years past.

This is the 12th Internext Convention.

There are about 150 exhibitors this year, about the same as last

January's Internext, and pre-registration numbers for attendees are up 30%.

I actually blew into town on the 3rd to get a head start on the show,

Take some pics of the set up. Before I even got to my room I ran into a laid-back Darin Babin and Marsha Youngs kicking it at a casino bar. They definitely had the right idea.

Too soon to get a real feel about what the theme of the show's going to be. Tons of people here and still arriving. Last night there were three pre-show parties. Others will cover them. I hung out with Farley Cahen and his lovely assistant Wyoming at the Circle Bar, where a very healthy crowd of adult Webmasters thronged. Ran into D-Money, Oystein, Spike and Farrell of Homegrown video, and many others who were fortifying themselves for the coming days and nights. They were not particularly rowdy, but even if they had been, I realized for the first time that Vegas itself dwarfs any group of people. It's a great leveler!

Check out photos of from the day before the show..here