WebcamCash’s Pay-Per-View Skew

For those who love adult webcams but hate membership sites, there’s a new Website out there for you.

WebcamCash is a program created for Webmasters that concentrates solely on fresh live webcams for both straight and gay surfers. WebcamCash is different from other cash programs because it promotes pay-per-view live webcams, instead of regular membership sites. 

“We've been producing live webcam feeds for four years and realized that there aren't many Webmaster programs out there that specialize in live pay-per-view interactive webcams,” creator Barry Fruitman told  “Live webcams are the future of our industry, and webmasters need a partner that can help them cash in on this expanding market.

Those who sign on for this program are also given a variety of tools to help them promote live webcams on their sites, including the Thumbnail Spinner, Webcam TGP, and tons of banners, exit consoles and others.

“By providing our affiliates with the tools they need, promoting straight or gay webcams will be a breeze,” said Fruitman. “We provide a premium service, so surfers are willing to pay more for it. By using a pay-per-view model, we maximize revenue for our affiliates. When you promote a pay-per-view product, your referrals can spend as much as they want each month. For our affiliates, this means an unlimited earning potential on every conversion.”

WebcamCash claims to be the first live webcam program to offer Webmasters the choice of $1 per minute recurring or $25 for every join.

“We are also the first to pay on every trial,” added Fruitman. “When Webmasters promote a product that has real live models working to convert their traffic, they will see how using WebcamCash will put money in their pockets.”

The live feeds for WebcamCash are supplied by Spread4U and Stroke4U, who have been a supplier and producer of live feeds and content since 1999.

“Our goal is to become one of the major webcam programs,” said Fruitman, “so I'd say our work is pretty much cut out for us.”

To learn more, please contact [email protected] or call 1-800-735-2423.