Webair CEO Comments On New Control Panel System

As we reported last week,Web-hosting solution experts Webair.com are launching a web hosting control panel system that gives users full management control of email accounts, the ability to update billing information, as well as domain and IP administration. Webair CEO Michael Christopher dropped AVN.com a line recently to comment on the new addition to the site.

“We’ve been building the entire program since 1997,” Christopher told AVN.com “We released the first version of our control panel in 2001 and we are now releasing the latest version 2.0.”

“We have only released the control panel to select clients thus far,” he noted. “This is essentially to test it out, and fix any issues that may arise. Thankfully the response has been overwhelming. 

Webair’s control panel gives users more flexibility and the ability to streamline basic functionalities and tasks. In addition, the control panel Webair provides access to, but not limited to, administering individual accounts, reseller accounts and performing basic system and control panel maintenance via a secure interface.

“Everything we have created at Webair.com has been done so out of necessity,” said Christopher. “We have basically written back end proprietary software to run our hosting company. It's been six years in the making and it has evolved into a complete object oriented, multifaceted, scaleable hosting solution. The new control panel is simply an extension of what we have been building for years.”

Webair’s motto is “created by webmasters for webmasters.” Webair supplies all of the servers, software, bandwidth and management tools needed to run almost any web hosted application, from Internet to enterprise server solutions.