WantedList Featured in <i>Co-Ed</i> and <i>Stuff</i>

Online adult DVD rental site, WantedList, has made the pages of both Co-Ed and Stuff magazines with articles about the company.

Claiming “The Netflix of porn is here!” Stuff puts WantedList on their Hit List, stating “Wantedlist.com, the largest online adult-DVD-rental store, allows you to pick from more than 15,000 adult films that are mailed to you in a discreet, returnable envelope.” For their new issue, Co-Ed delved into the seven deadly sins and how they affect college students. Co-Ed ran a recommended list of Sinful Videos, as chosen by WantedList, to “cleanse your sinful desire.”

Some titles included Nina Hartley’s Guide to Cunnilingus (for pride), Tied & Tormented (for anger), and Teenage Spermaholics (for greed). Co-Ed and WantedList have also combined for a porn pack contest, where one lucky winner who goes to wantedlist.com/Fun will win 100 DVDs, a DVD player, two blow up dolls, and two gallons of lube, plus The WantedList Guide to Throwing The Ultimate Porn Party.

Co-Ed is the largest nationwide magazine devoted to college students.