WantedList.com Shows Sense of Humor Can Pay Off With <i>Stuff</i>

WantedList.com wanted to get onto StuffMagazine.com, but they knew they needed a hook to get into the popular men’s Website, the online version of one of the top men’s magazines.

 “We had been meeting with Stuff Magazine for a few months to try to think of something fun and interesting to do together,” says Anh Tran, co-founder of WantedList.com. “So we got to thinking – of all of the thousands of titles that get released, what were the best titles that parodied a mainstream movie? Personally, I salute the studios that can come out with both a great erotic product and a title that can differentiates itself from the rest of the field.”

StuffMagazine.com liked the pitch well enough to include it in their annual  “Report Card”, introducing it as a new category: Best Porn Parody Title.

And of course, Wantedlist.com was given props right below the list. Given the demographics – young men – probably the top consumers of porn, it’s a nice promotion for the DVD rental site.

The list of five was culled from reader voting on StuffMagazine.com, where the WantedList crew offered their top ten favorite titles of the past year. Which was also attributed to the Website.

When the votes were tallied, the number one spot went to Dude, Where’s My Dildo? by K-Beech Video.

 "We've always tried to provide adult entertainment that appeals to women and couples, and parodies with a hint of comedy seem to do just that,” says Carolyn Ward, sales manager for K-Beech Video. “Connoisseurs who enjoy Dude, Where's My Dildo? may also enjoy Honey, I Blew...Everybody!, The Slutty Professor and XXX Trek: The Final Orgasm."

The second slot went to Jules Jordan’s aptly named Weapons of Ass Destruction 2.

“This isn’t the first time Stuff  has done something with the adult industry,” he notes. “The more people can see that this industry can be both erotic and have a great sense of humor the more we can move away from the image that all we’re all just a bunch heartless, dirty capitalists ‘corrupting the morals of America.’" 

Check out StuffMagazine.com’s 2003 Report Card.