VSDA Night 2: Party Of Three

A non-stop day of business, a late afternoon lull and an hour of down time for a disco nap was all the adult industry exhibitors and attendees needed to gear up for the party hosted by Larry Flynt Productions, VCA and Vivid. The Venetian Hotel offers one-stop everything, from accommodations, conventions, restaurants and shopping, so it's no wonder LFP chose the Venus Lounge for the two turning into three-hour event on Thursday evening.

Three of the giants of the adult industry shared suites, stars and now a sexy party at the hottest spot around. The Venus Lounge is broken up into two sections, a spacious L-shaped bar to the left of the entrance and a huge rectangle of a club to the right. Stripper poles and a sunken lounge area with a long and attractive bar on the far side, with the back corner roped off for the VIP clientle.

Mischa Allen, Howard Levine, Sean Carney and occasional appearances by Mark Hamilton, LFP's head of production (does this guy ever stop working?) greeted guests at the front of the club. Along with Janet Gibson and Liz Crawford from Advanstar, who really know how to throw a convention, a party—hell, just about anything you can throw—they made this not only the singular social event of the show, but the best one could ask for, no matter how many other events were being held during VSDA week in Las Vegas.

LFP sales honcho Craig Jelin, holding a serious cigar, opted out of the VIP area and surrounded himself with hotties and the cool crowd, his easygoing laugh and smile keeping the flow of fine women and distributors dying to hang on the couch alongside him.

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In the VIP area, Sunset Thomas took turns teasing the men (and women), enjoying the attention and stirring up some interest on her own. The Sin City girls, Hannah Harper and Aurora Snow, seductively snaked their way through the crowd as Flick Shagwell and Avy Scott for Private got a second wind and wound up being the girls most likely to sit in your lap and keep you happy as the drinks and snacks flowed with a backdrop of hip-hop and pulsing house.

Bonnie Kail, head of sales for Devils Films, and Michelle Liss, sales maven for Vivid Video, kept close as photographers continually asked, "Which company are you models under contract to?" making the fetching closers beam and blush while making sure their best angles covered. "Thank god for digital!" Bonnie laughed as a photographer deleted images till just the right shot of the girls was captured. Well, in Bonnie's eyes that is. Every shot was a keeper except for the ones where eyes were closed and body parts showed just a little too much skin for behind-the-scenes salespeople.

Brittney Skye was having a blast, getting passed around more than a DVD of 1 Night in Paris.She landed in between Red Light District CEO David Joseph and Miles, the mild mannered comptroller, who were looking sexy-cool in a futuristic capsule couch. I asked David and Miles how the show was going for them and Miles laughed, saying, "I do think I'm getting carpal tunnel syndrome from writing all these orders," Miles laughed. David, a Cheshire cat smile on his face, seemed happy and exhausted after a long day at the show.

Ron Jeremy, instantly commanding the most attention at the party, showed me his double credited ticket from Southwest Airlines, pointing out that after missing two flights in a row due to technical problems, they gave him some free flying to make up for the inconvenience. "They said the flight was overweight," Ronnie offered in all seriousness, adding, "Don't go there, I was the tenth person they asked off the plane, so I know it wasn't just my fault!" He immediately had a line of well-wishers when he stopped near the front of the door, looking fatigued but happy to talk to one and all, basking in his celebrity.

There was a fair sprinkling of party girls there, many of them not porn, and a few comments were made that the trio of Hustler, VCA and Vivid was probably responsible for making this not just your ordinary porn "sword fight" party in Vegas. A few of the "civilians," as we call non-porn people, were enjoying the porn girls as the non-porn girls seemed to enjoy being mistaken for hardcore actresses.

Sometime sex on screen kitten, Justine, was gearing up for her birthday on Friday, locking lez lips with a handful of starlets, later finding their girly groping was killing the hookers on the prowl at The Circle Bar, forcing the girls upstairs to continue the action. It was overheard that D-Cypher, Justine's boyfriend, actually felt guilty for a moment that he was the only guy around for this affair. What I don't understand is why my cell phone went un-rung later that evening, but I digress.

Lynton Appelson and his lovely girlfriend Rachel enjoyed the party, commenting they couldn't wait to go back home and see their bull mastiff, making sure to do some business with major distributors who dotted the room.

Skeeter Kerkove came up to me at the close of the party, offering me a fist to show just how serious he was about making the best anal-themed porn in the industry. "It's not a threat," he said, "it's a promise," referring to his promise of "big anal news, really big anal news" coming soon.

My night was almost complete with Kerkove's commitment to making the best gape flicks in Porn Valley. Mischa Allen really made it perfect when she stuffed my fist with free drink tickets, saying, "Go ahead, it's a party."

It sure was, considering this party of three companies was also involved with the Hustler Magazine 30th anniversary and the upcoming distributor get-together at the LFP headquarters in Beverly Hills in 10 days—enough time for us all to dry out and be ready for more.

When it comes to debauchery and more debauchery, you can't beat Larry Flynt.