VSDA, Day 1: Suite Hopping at the Venetian

Bella Loves Jenna and Space Nuts were the big winners of the breakfast hour as attendees wandered the 28th floor of the Venetian Hotel’s South Tower. The open suites meant no appointment was necessary, affording registrants the opportunity to drop in and meet the various exhibitors and porn stars on hand to meet, greet, drink, and eat till the 5 p.m. closing.

Wicked Pictures and Zero Tolerance Entertainment had the corner suite at the entry to the wing where adult companies were the main draw, more than 20 dotting the long hallway that featured LFP, Vivid, and VCA at the end, powerhouse anchors to draw and keep traffic flowing.

Greg Alves of Zero Tolerance was so busy writing orders, all he could do was smile and wave, as Jessica Drake held down the front of the suite with Steve Orenstein, Joy King, and Tony Cleary greeting guests. “I guess it’s just me,” Drake cooed when I asked where the other Wicked girls were, giggling with delight. Nobody seemed to mind, and once Jessica’s greetings were offered, guests found it easy to spend time hanging out while Wicked movies played on the television screen.

Pleasure Productions, Adam & Eve, Blue Pictures, Private USA, Metro Interactive, Red Light District, Video Team, Jill Kelly Productions, Nectar Entertainment, Adult Supersource, Nectar Entertainment, Sin City Entertainment, Bacchus Releasing/Filmco Productions, Smash Pictures/Horizon Media Group, Doghouse Digital, Sineplex, Exquisite Pleasures/Max Hardcore, VIP/Robert Hill/Underground, and VCX all dotted the hallway, with traffic becoming somewhat congested only a few times during the day.

“It’s the first day,” Mara Epstein of Doghouse Digital offered. “It’s always this way. Tomorrow, more people will be in town.”

Jon Blitt, owner of Doghouse was optimistic about new business, in spite of his movies, posters and show materials all being lost in transit. “We’re doing some great stuff up in Canada and the audience is more selective there, meaning you can’t get away with mediocre product. We’re moving into the Internet, upping our productions and adding foil to our packaging,” Blitt added. As the day wore on, he was relieved that his materials were trickling into his suite Blitt’s mood buoyed more by every arrival. Doghouse is definitely a company on the move and the attendees perked up with each new offering.

Brittney Skye was signing autographs for Sineplex and she wowed every man and woman with her gorgeous, casual, and coy appearance. “I’m condom now, but I’m still the same bad girl,” Brittney said as buyers lined up to scoop up her pre-condom releases. Dean, the head sales for Sineplex welcomed guests eager to get a piece of the ultra-classy and ultra-hard product Sineplex is known for producing.

Shemale fever was keeping Robert Hill Releasing and Blue Pictures customers sated. “Wow, there’s more TV in here than at an electronics store!” one retailer chuckled, heading straight for the poster of Prick Chicks as head honcho Lynton Appleson took orders over the phone and poured cocktails for his guests. Tom Yofe of Blue Pictures had a wealth of shemale product as well as any and every type of fetish, offering that Brazilian women are the most beautiful females in the world. Nobody in his suite disagreed, we were all too busy ogling all the butts on the DVD sleeves.

Sin City general manager Scott Justice and publicist, Devan Cypher of Sin City were welcoming guests to their suite with Hannah Harper seductively poised inside as guys were drawn to her likes bees to the honey pot. I opted to move on, knowing I’d be back for more than an eyeful soon.

LFP, VCA, and Vivid kept attendees happy, watered and fed while doing serious business as Sunset Thomas, looking better than ever if that’s possible, was on hand to make hearts melt and crotches wet or stiff. “Oh, my god she smells so good,” Skeeter Kerkove said as she walked by, adding a bit of juicy news that will stay a secret till the right time. It’s big news, big anal news and that’s all I can say on the subject. Janine would be coming to town on Wednesday, so I headed out, knowing that I’d be fighting my way to hang with her for a moment.

Walking into the hallway, I noticed it was 5 p.m., the end of the show and time for the Playboy party at the V Bar where of course, pressing the flesh and hopefully meeting some babes would be the order of the next two hours. Photographer Hewman Being, on loan to the mainstream part of the show, is joining me to help me corral some of the Playboy models and perhaps take some of them to the Starsky & Hutch party thrown by WGA somewhere along the way. “If they balk at the retro vibe,” Hew winked, adding, “we’ll do the Margaritaville party by the Venetian pool. The babes love the water.” This guy is so money.

Tomorrow will be a day of networking with more exhibitors, seminars on legal issues, chaired by Paul Cambria, Adam Glasser speaking out on adult retailing, and a forum on how to stock your store in this ever changing market that makes up adult. Afterwards, LFP, Vivid, and VCA will host an Adult Access Party that is the must do party of the show. And as we all know about these three companies, they have the babes and they are so money.

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Playmates of the Years

Lauren Michelle Hill Feb 2001
Shallena Meiers Sept 2002
Brade Roderica 2001

Julie Ciahim 1995

Stacey Sanches 1996