Vonn Fink Signs Four-Picture Deal With Anabolic

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Anabolic Video has recruited director Vonn Fink of Razordolls fame to shoot four new movies for the label.

"I, personally, and Anabolic are very excited to welcome Vonn Fink into our family of accomplished directors," Anabolic owner Chris Alexander told AVN. "My initial impressions of him are that he's extremely creative and motivated, and has already shown great accomplishments with his previous work. And I've been promised that his work will continue to gain in passion, intensity and artistry."

Vonn Fink is currently wrapping up his first Anabolic production, Electric Cherry. The movie stars Annette Schwarz, Faith Leon, Roxy DeVille, Jade Starr and Razördolls Ariel Adore and Nico Elise and rock band Confederacy of Horse Power.

"From the little bit that I've seen so far, it's full of incredible sex and has a few surprises mixed in for our fans," said Alexander.

Vonn Fink describes Electric Cherry as "an edgy, street-wise, rock-'n-roll porn trip."

"My movies are kind of like stream-of-consciousness," the director told AVN. "Everything's tied together with cool transitions, and this one actually has my first really decent budget, so it's looking really amazing."

Anabolic is also purchasing the Razördolls website which Vonn Fink founded and later sold to his ex-partner. The company hopes to use the site as a promotional tool to capture a new demographic.

"It helps Anabolic have a new and exciting genre to explore, without actually naming that genre," said Alexander. "He brings a new artistic vision to Anabolic which I believe will add to the variety of product that we currently create."

Electric Cherry is tentatively slated for April release in a three-disc set with extras to include BTS footage, a Confederacy of Horse Power music video and a separate soundtrack CD featuring 10 bands.

For more information, go to www.anabolic.com.

Photo courtesy Razordolls.com.