Vivid to Release <i>Janine Loves Jenna</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - The long awaited next installment in the hugely popular ...Loves Jenna line from Club Jenna/Vivid Entertainment Group is finally set to ship out today, and people, you better brace yourselves for this one, because it's going to be a monster.

Janine is who's doing the loving this time around, and the headlining match-up of her and queen of porn Jenna Jameson is such a colossal one, about the only comparison that comes to mind is the meeting of De Niro and Pacino in Heat. In fact, the only time Janine and Jenna have performed together previously was in 1995's Where the Boys Aren' 7 from Vivid. (AVN's summation of that happening: "Bartender Janine takes on customer Jenna Jameson in the bathroom in a nominations-worthy Sapphic sizzler highlighted by nifty nubbin'nibbling nookie.")

Well in Janine Loves Jenna, the duo face off against each other in not one, not two, not even three, but four scenes, all set against a purgatorial backdrop where Jenna is wandering after committing suicide. Seemingly inspired by the video for Britney Spears'"Everytime," the feature was co-written by Club Jenna contract director DCypher and CEO Justin Sterling, who also helms and co-stars. And on top of everything else, it features Jenna performing b/g for the first time in two and a half years, since 2005's AVN Best Film winner The Masseuse.

"It is, for me and I think a lot of other people, two of the hottest names in the history of the adult industry," said Vivid national sales manager Howard Levine. "It's definitely something that has been a labor of love for Justin and Jenna over the last year and a half. Everything had to be perfect. Janine looks fabulous, Jenna looks fabulous, they both never looked better."

Agreed Sterling himself, "We're pretty excited from A to Z on the project. Jenna and Janine are fully behind it, as well as myself, and we're going at this one 180 percent, I think." As to his perfectionist disposition toward JLJ, Sterling joked, "I'm a little whacked. I've become obsessed with it, to the point where the end of the movie I don't even want to ever see again. I'll sit there and tweak forever until someone says, 'K, you're done with the movie, you gotta turn it in.'I'l sit there and play with it 24 hours a day."

Club Jenna VP of merchandising Kris Grdina boasted, "Janine Loves Jenna far exceeds anything in the adult world. Justin exhibits his directorial and editing talents to their fullest. This is a historical landmark in the adult industry."

Janine Loves Jenna is being released in a two-disc set, and a special, autographed edition will be released later this month whose box — get this — talks to you when you open it, the voice of Jenna cooing, "Welcome to hell, baby." The fire and brimstone starts blazing up shelves next Tuesday, May 1.

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