Vivid To Release First Direct-to-VOD Adult Movie

STUDIO CITY, Calif. - Vivid Entertainment will release a new movie, My Ex-Girlfriend, directly and exclusively through Video on Demand – the first time an adult film company has ever used VOD as a primary distribution channel for its movies.

My Ex-Girlfriend stars Vivid Girl and Penthouse Pet Brea Lynn. The movie will be released July 2 in a trial program through the company's VOD distribution system.

"We remain committed to the DVD sales and rental market, but as that market matures and VOD continues to grow, Vivid will stay ahead of the curve as it has always done," said Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch. "We plan to run our VOD and DVD operations as parallel businesses and will continue to maximize both channels of distribution."

According to Hirsch, Vivid has been preparing for the increase in the VOD market for some time, narrowing the window between DVD street dates and VOD availability from six months to three months. With this year's smash hit Kim Kardashian Superstar, the company began releasing titles simultaneously in stores and via VOD, a strategy that Vivid claims paid off with a surprising increase in DVD sales.

"The transition to VOD has been gradual and we've been planning for it by making more titles available via VOD, Burn to DVD and also releasing titles on VOD simultaneously with retail," Hirsch said. "While we plan to release our first title exclusively on VOD, we don't plan to reduce the number of titles that we also sell to brick and mortar retailers. According to our research, there are distinct and separate audiences for our movies via either DVD or VOD, and we'll continue to tailor our marketing programs to reach each group."

Pictured: Brea Lynn