Vivid to Release ‘Cathouse 45’ in 3D in Time for Thanksgiving

LOS ANGELES, CA — War is hell, but bordellos are a slice of heaven in Pink’O’s Cathouse 45 fromPink’O, a division of Italy’s Sins Factory, set for release today on Vivid Entertainment’s website. The title will hit store shelves on Tuesday, November 22.

"This may beItaly's most ambitious adult film ever, shot in 3D with a cast ofEurope's greatest performers," said Ruby Franca, CEO of Sins Factory. 

The movie marksEurope's first adult 3-D production and is available on three disks in regular 2-D and 3-D versions, as well as Blu-ray 2-D and 3-D with glasses included. The disks can be played on a Blu-ray compatible PC, Blu-ray player or a PlayStation 3 of any model. 

Directed by Marcus Dolby, the movie is set in post World War II Europe. The storyline follows two brothers-in-arms returning from battle who decide to stop at a brothel to celebrate their homecoming. Intense emotions and pent-up sexual tension are let loose after years on the front lines. The shy Tonino is hesitant about the excursion while his American friend Pierre can't contain his enthusiasm. The plot thickens when Tonino discovers that his beautiful fiancée, whose picture he has kept through years of battle, is the brothel's most prized worker. 

The movie stars Vittoria Risi, Fiamma Monti, Monica Preziosi, Franco Trentalance, Aurora Oliveira, Marica Ferrero, Jan Scott, Leonardo Conti, Belicia, Cindy Dollar and Denis Marti, with Steve Morelli and Gaia Parisi. The screenplay was written by Luca DeSantis.