Vivid to Octomom: Reconsider, Baby

LOS ANGELES - Responding to a report on the website, Vivid Entertainment is asking Nadya "Octomom" Suleman to rethink her position on making a $1 million adult movie.

"Those guys at Vivid Video must be nuts!  Who wants to see me naked?" Suleman reportedly told Radar. "Maybe in a year when the baby fat goes away."

But think of the taxpayers!

"If Nadya really rejects this offer it's a shame because by accepting it she could have saved the taxpayers a cool million bucks," said Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch. "We hope she will reconsider because this would be a great way for her to take financial responsibility for her own actions."

Hirsch promises a personal trainer to whip Octo into Vivid Girl shape, "top makeup artists" and hair stylists to make Ms. Suleman SEX-ay.

"Before she gives us a 'no' she should know that we've already been contacted by some of the top male actors in the industry, who want to be in the movie with her," Hirsch said. "Maybe if we showed her photos of these guys, she might change her mind."

Donny Long? D-Snoop?

Righteously offended, Octomom belittled the adult industry in her dishy Radar interview.

"Despite what people think of my methods to get pregnant, I believe in love and romance," she said. "Not cheap thrills that belittle women."

Hirsch was quick to respond with the couples-porn party line.

"We believe in love and romance too," he said. "We're the top adult movie company for couples who want to add a little stimulus to their sex lives. Far from being belittled, our actresses say they feel empowered by their work in our movies and the control this gives them in their personal lives. This is something that could benefit Nadya as well."

No word on the Pink Visual diaper deal .