Vivid Streets Eon McKai's <i>Debbie Loves Dallas</i>

LOS ANGELES – Vivid-Alt has announced the release of Debbie Loves Dallas, an “alt-porn” version of the adult classic Debbie Does Dallas from director Eon McKai. The movie will be available in stores Wednesday in standard DVD and Blu-ray editions.

“The movie looks really hot,” McKai told AVN. “We shot it in HD, and I just saw the Blu-Ray version and it’s pretty insane.”

McKai originally pitched his idea for an alternative adaptation of the iconic 1970s adult film at the time Vivid Entertainment was giving the green light to shoot a remake to veteran director Paul Thomas. The Thomas version, Debbie Does Dallas...Again stars Vivid Girls Stefani Morgan, Monique Alexander, Sunny Leone and Savanna Samson, and was released in May. Vivid co-chairman Steven Hirsch then gave McKai the go-ahead to create his own remake. Both Thomas and McKai’s journeys were chronicled in a reality show for Showtime.

“Since we were being watched so closely for the show, I knew I needed to have an actual script…I couldn’t have it be one of those completely chaotic experiences that I usually do on my shoots,” explained McKai. “So that gave me a chance to work with [writer] Gene Platinum again…he wrote a lot of stuff for my website back in the day. The whole reality show process actually put us on a schedule which gave me a different perspective on thing. The script we came up with was about seventy pages long.”

The plot of the alt version centers on two groups of girls — one group headed by Debbie (played by Vivid Girl Cassidey) and the other by Bambi (played by Charlotte Stokley), in an homage to Bambi Woods, who played the original Debbie. The groups compete to see who can sleep with Punky, leader of the band Dallas.

A soundtrack included as a bonus disc with the DVD features Driver of the Year, Hank IV, All Will Fall, Popikok and All Good Funk Alliance, plus an original song and video by the movie band Dallas.

“This is the perfect date movie, except you won't find it at your local multiplex,” joked McKai. “It’s actually just another really great party movie. It’s something you can put on, and have a bunch of people over…there’s a lot of great colors. It’s great eye candy. And Stokley even seems to be coming out of the woodwork to promote this movie, which is great.”

Debbie Loves Dallas also stars Vivid Girl Monique Alexander, actresses Dana DeArmond and Pixie Pearl, with a cameo appearance by Vivid-Alt director Dave Naz.

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