Vivid Ships Paul Thomas' <i>Layout</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Vivid Entertainment is now shipping Paul Thomas' latest movie Layout to retailers nationwide. Originally conceived under the title Magazine, the dramatic feature stars Brianna Banks, Penny Flame and Tom Byron in a story about the perverse goings-on at an adult-industry magazine called "AVG".

"If it happens to echo AVN, it's not accidental," Thomas said. "It's a thinly-disguised mirror of AVN, but we're not trying to depict actual events and people. It's more of an amalgam, a dramatization."

Flame plays the leading role of an ingenue magazine editrix who gets caught up in the politics of the porn industry. Tyce Bune stars as the burned-out, drug-addicted publisher, Tom Byron portrays the jaded editor-in-chief, and Banks plays a spoiled young starlet.

"Brianna does two great sex scenes, particularly the girl/girl anal with Penny Flame," Thomas said. "The part where Brianna is chained to a toilet is wonderfully filthy. A lot of the sex in my movies is absolutely demented, twisted, perverted, and nasty…but sometimes people don't perceive it that way because the tone of my films is uplifting. I call on all sorts of emotions during the film, so the fact that the sex itself is really down and dirty occasionally gets lost."

Although PT is eager to blow his own horn regarding the "sick, demented" quality of his sex scenes, he 's equally quick to point out that the trend toward increasingly bizarre and extreme content has damaged the industry.

"Because the most extreme stuff gets the most blatant press, sometimes it looks like this business is all about how many cocks you can fit into an asshole," Thomas said. "That gets abusive. There's got to be more to what we do than that, because otherwise we become really inhuman. People in this movie are reacting in their own way to try and define the humanity in a business that sometimes seems to be about nothing but sex objects. It's a pretty heavy movie."

Layout streets next week.