Vivid Ships <i>It’s Not You (It’s Me)</i>

LOS ANGELES - Vivid has released It’s Not You (It’s Me), a new feature starring contract girl Cassidey. The movie tells the story of two women who break off their romantic relationships to be with each other.

“I did two great scenes in the movie,” Cassidey said. “Eva Angelina fucked the shit out of me. She had me squirting all over the pool table; I even nailed the camera people on the shoot with that squirt. What can I say? That’s how I roll!”

Cassidey also squirts in a boy/girl scene with Derrick Pierce. “Never a dull moment with that boy,” she laughed. Shot in HD, the movie is presented in anamorphic widescreen and co-stars Puma Suede, Naomi, Marcus London and Nick Manning.

“Cassidey has been making a great comeback,” said Howard Levine, national sales manager for Vivid. “Her sex has never been better – she’s really into it, and you can tell by watching the movie.”

In January, Cassidey will be seen on the Showtime reality series "Debbie Does Dallas Again."

“I’ve seen the first episode,” she said, “It’s funny; they make me look pretty flaky. The show is about two remakes of Debbie Does Dallas. Paul Thomas did one based on the old-school cheerleader version; Eon McKai and I did another one where Dallas is a band, and I play Debbie. My character is a little groupie who fucks everybody. Out of all the girls at Vivid, I’m pretty much the little rock star.”