Vivid's Latest Offer to Farrah Abraham: A Cease-and-Desist Letter

CYBERSPACE—It's been a full two weeks since the words "Farrah Abraham" have appeared on this site ... though certainly there has been no shortage of mentions elsewhere. But trust TMZ to come up with the very latest on the Backdoor Teen Mom, so we'll share a link to that story as the week comes to an end.

According to the latest on TMZ sister site, Vivid CEO Steven Hirsch has embarked on the second part of his carrot-and-stick approach to handling the wayward celebrity sex tape star, whose second sex tape for Vivid, Farrah 2: Backdoor and More, was released February 13 on and streeted to retail stores on February 20.

Shortly before the second movie was announced, Abraham had made waves claiming she was drugged and raped during her travels in industry circles.

In response, Hirsch brought out a carrot: a $1 million offer to take a polygraph test to substatiate her complaints about her experiences while on the publicity circuit for Backdoor Teen Mom.

And today came the stick: a cease and desist letter to stop making "unsubstatiated and baseless implicationasand allegations of wrongdoing against Vivid."

Check out the full text of the letter here on