Vivid Runs Joint Promotions With <I>Wonderland</i>

Vivid Entertainment Group has agreed to run joint promotions with Wonderland, the new movie from Lions Gate Films about a quadruple homicide in Hollywood's Laurel Canyon that John Holmes (played by Val Kilmer) and his teenage girlfriend (played by Kate Bosworth) became tied to. 

Vivid Girls Mercedez and Sunrise Adams will attend the official premiere of Wonderland on September 24th.

The Wonderland trailer can be accessed with a single interactive click on Vivid DVDs distributed this fall, starting with Vivid's remake of the adult classic Debbie Does Dallas starring Sunrise Adams that will be released on October 1. 

Vivid will also host a private screening of the film for adult industry luminaries on September 22nd and Vivid products will be given out at the event. 

In addition, Vivid will give away one of its new Sims Vivid Girl Snowboards in a joint promotion with Virgin Megastores and the Vivid logo will be on all of the film's collateral promotional materials at the stores. Vivid will also have an ad in a special edition Wonderland "newspaper" to be distributed around the time of the premiere. The paper will feature an article on the murders and on John Holmes as well as 1981-era ads and will be distributed nationally by street teams.