Vivid Reveals 'The Other Side of Sunny'

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Vivid Entertainment has created a killer campaign to promote the latest Sunny Leone movie, The Other Side of Sunny.

The box art for director B. Show's video mimics a vintage sexploitation one-sheet, right down to the folds in the poster, a phony critic's quote ("EROTIC BEYOND BELIEF!" - Herald Telegram) and a stark "Adults Only" logo. A striking black-and-white photo of Sunny appears above the ominous tag-line: "She Sought the Normal But Found it in the Abnormal."

The movie showcases Sunny in spanking and stocking-fetish scenarios that would warm the long-dead heart of Irving Klaw. Adding to the seedy grindhouse vibe, the mock poster design even places faded yellow masking tape over Sunny's nipples.

Retailers will do well to put The Other Side of Sunny on display. The design stands out nicely from other XXX titles - and Sunny is gorgeous as ever.

The Other Side of Sunny is available on DVD and Blu-ray disc. To order, call Nicole Murillo at (866) 466-6969, or email [email protected].