Vivid Releases DVD Version Of Straight Jeff Stryker Videos

Two of the best-selling tapes in Vivid's history are being released in DVD format for the first time next month.

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Jamie Loves Jeff 1 and 2

Jamie Loves Jeff I and II, both of which have gay performer Jeff Stryker in a straight lead opposite Jamie Summers, who was his real life girlfriend at the time of production, were re-released by Vivid Entertainment in August after being off the market for a year. Next month, Vivid is releasing the titles in DVD format for the first time.

The titles were not available during the time it took Vivid to come to an arrangement with Stryker regarding his royalties for the videos after the terms of the initial contract were finished.

Both DVDs will be available on October 8. Stryker performed in one other title for Vivid, The Heiress, which is already available in DVD format.

All three of Stryker's videos for Vivid were directed by Paul Thomas. Jamie Loves Jeff I (1988) and 2(1991) both cast Jamie Summers as the titular lover of Stryker, though Stryker has multiple female partners in both videos.