Vivid Releases B. Skow's <i>Burnt Fury</i>

The buddy-cop genre gets a comedic, X-rated treatment in director B. Skow's latest feature for Vivid Entertainment, Burnt Fury. In stores now, the movie stars Lanny Barby, Hillary Scott, Regan Reese, Alexis Silver, Tommy Gunn, Evan Stone, Jay Huntington, Jay Lassiter and Trent Solari.

The plot of Burnt Fury has Barby playing an ingénue who heads to Hollywood seeking fame and fortune against her mother's strenuous objections. Things get complicated when Mom sends a hit squad out to protect her daughter from the porn industry.

"Lanny is the female lead in the movie, but it's more about these two kind of opposing personalities with Evan Stone being kind of the intelligent, relaxed cop and Tommy playing the overly anxious cop who really doesn't know what he's doing," Skow told "It's really funny – we have a lot of outtakes where everyone is laughing to the point of tears, and we'd have to stop for 15 minutes."

"Both Tommy and Evan really put 110 percent into the movie; they reminded me of the characters in Boogie Nights, the way they took it so seriously," Skow said. "Tommy's so funny to me; he's very intense-looking, even when he's just calmly talking to you, and I really played off that. There's one scene where he's backing up with a gun and he bumps into Lanny…and every time she'd see his face, she'd just start laughing hysterically. It took about 20 to 30 minutes to shoot that five-second scene."

Skow shot Burnt Fury in hi-def over two 15-hour days. "I shot a lot of the story in the way Law and Order is shot, where the actors have to memorize the entire scene, and they'll run through the whole scene without a cut," he said. "The main thing about this movie is that there actually is an entertaining story, but the sex doesn't fall short because of that."

On the subject of sex, Skow notes that his hardcore scenes tend to be harder than what the public might normally associate with Vivid. "You've still got the high-quality look of a Vivid movie, but I always try to cover a lot of different angles with the sex," he said. "I'm not into the degrading stuff like gaping assholes and fish-hooking, but the sex is varied enough that I hope the person buying my movie will usually find something that they like."