Vivid Recalls Tapes As Part of Settlement with Ripley Entertainment

A legal dispute between Vivid Entertainment Group and Ripley Entertainment over two videos has been settled out of court.

While strongly denying any liability, Vivid agreed to stop manufacturing, selling or distributing Paul Thomas’ Believe It or Not and Paul Thomas’ Believe It or Not 2. In return, Ripley Entertainment agreed to drop claims that it may have had against the adult studio for alleged past infringement of their Believe It or Not properties. 

In a statement released today Vivid says it settled because of the costs of defending the matter. 

Paul Thomas’ Believe It or Not and it’s sequel had five stories, three of which were true, similar to Ripley Entertainment’s Ripley’s Believe It or Not TV series. Both of Vivid’s videos were released in 2001. 

However, Ripley can still renew their suit if any copies of either tape are sold again in the future. Thus, Vivid asks that distributors and their resellers return any copies of said tapes to Vivid for immediate credit.