Vivid Puts Its Money Where Its Mouth Is With <i>Brand New Faces</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Not many adult videos have ever come with a money-back guarantee (pretty much none, actually), but that's exactly what Vivid Entertainment is offering with the new B. Skow-directed pro-am series Brand New Faces.

Two volumes of Brand New Faces are already on the street — the second having just arrived Tuesday — and both offer the ironclad guarantee that each girl found within is performing sex acts on camera for the very first time ever ... or you can have a refund.

"It's 100 percent real," Skow told AVN. "I don't tell them to lie, I don't make up any kind of background story. Whatever they are is what they are, and it's a really fun thing. The girls have a really good time, I try to make them comfortable, and they come in and do a little interview; we find out why they're doing this, why they decided to get into porn. They do a little strip-down and sometimes solo masturbation, sometimes not. There's no real format, 'cause it is real.

"We look into it ... we look into their IDs, we look into the 2257 records," Skow continued. "We verify it to the best of our ability, that they've never done anything. And if they have, and you catch us, then we'll refund your money."

To further confirm the veracity of these claims, Skow put AVN on the phone with a girl named Viki La Vie, of Slovakia, who'd just finished up getting her porn cherry popped by Voodoo for Brand New Faces 5.

"It was exciting," said La Vie. "I was born to do that. At first, I was so nervous, but then it was very smooth, no pressure at all. It was a really nice atmosphere.

In addition to the DVD line, Brand New Faces has its own website through which the girls are introduced almost literally Fresh Off the Bus. Explained Skow, "As soon as we shoot them, we try to get them up within days on the website. And the DVD is released literally like two weeks after we shoot the girl, so there's really no delay. We try to get it to the consumer immediately. We want to be the very first company that you see this girl with. And it's the first Vivid website to ever do this. This is Vivid's first step into this."

Added Vivid national sales manager David Peskin, "Brand New Faces is doing extremely well, past our expectations, and it's starting to get phenomenal reviews."

For his part, B. Skow said, "It's one of the first things I've really enjoyed in a long time. I have a really good time doing it, and I think it kind of shows."

For more on Brand New Faces, go to, and to order volumes 1 and/or 2, contact David Peskin at (866) 466-6969 ext. 108 or [email protected].