Vivid Places Hold on Shipment of <i>Kim Kardashian Superstar</i>

Vivid Entertainment Group has postponed shipping Kim Kardashian Superstar indefinitely, National Sales Manager Howard Levine told AVN Monday. The controversial sex video had been scheduled to ship on Wednesday, however a lawsuit filed against Vivid last Wednesday citing "violation of right to privacy" has complicated the release.

"Now everybody's calling up going, 'OK, when are you shipping?' My answer is, 'I don’t know. It's in the hands of the attorneys,'" Levine said. 

The postponement has only increased the demand for the title, which shows the Hollywood socialite engaged in explicit sex with former boyfriend, Ray-J, who is a hip-hop artist.

"It’s really just gone off the charts," Levine continued, noting that pre-orders have exceeded 75,000 units. "Everybody wants it. Everybody’s calling me. I appreciate everybody calling and they can keep calling, I have no problem with that. But right now it’s on hold and it’s in the hands of the attorneys and I don’t know when we are going to ship it. ... We’ll let everybody know when it can happen, if it happens." 

Kardashian, who is the daughter of the late O.J. Simpson defense attorney Robert Kardashian and step-daughter of Olympic gold medalist Bruce Jenner, is on the cover of Complex magazine this month.

A teaser from the DVD is available on