Vivid Moves Ahead with ‘Brittney Jones Confidential’ Distribution

LOS ANGELES—Vivid Entertainment is determined to release the sex tape of Ashton Kutcher’s alleged mistress on Dec. 29, despite legal threats from Kutcher and the woman, Brittney Jones.

The movie’s R-rated trailer is available on Acquired from a third party, the movie depicts the sexual exploits of Jones with a former boyfriend.

Jones, a 21-year-old brunette is said to have had a brief but passionate liaison with the famous actor who’s married to actress Demi Moore. The pair supposedly met at Lucky Strike bowling alley in Hollywood, exchanged numbers and had sex on Kutcher’s sofa.

Vivid founder/co-chairman Steven Hirsch isn’t shying away from distributing Brittney Jones Confidential after receiving a cease and desist letter from Jones’ attorney Richard Sherman.

The two met at a Hollywood coffee shop last week and following the meeting Hirsch said he thought there was a possibility that things could be worked out and that Jones would participate in the marketing of the DVD, but after never hearing back, Vivid has decided to move forward with the movie’s release without Jones’ participation.

Separately Hirsch also received a cease and desist letter from Kutcher’s attorney concerning the tape. Vivid denied the claims asserted by the superstar’s attorney, but after internal discussions and consulting with counsel, it decided to move forward without using Kutcher’s actual name in connection with the sex tape.