Vivid Makes the French Riviera <i>Where the Boys Aren't</i>

Some of the most beautiful women in the world indulge in a little diving — both into sparkling waters and between each other's gams — in Where the Boys Aren't 18, the latest in Vivid Entertainment's long-running and highly celebrated all-girl line.

"It's the best lineup in recent history of a Where the Boys Aren't," Vivid national sales manager Howard Levine trumpeted to, "starting with Tera Patrick."

This, in fact, is the very first WTBA to include Patrick, who refrained strictly from performing g/g scenes prior to signing with Vivid three years ago. But she's not the only big name in this bunch.

"I mean, they're all there," Levine exclaimed. "Briana Banks, Lanny Barby, Stefani Morgan, Tawny Roberts, Savanna [Samson], Monique [Alexander]."

They are, indeed, all there, and viewers are certain to go over the moon for the traditional closing orgy, which stretches out to nearly an hour in length, and includes all of the above starlets, plus remaining cast members Mercedez, Lexie Marie and the Love Twins.

Set in the French Riviera, WTBA 18 exudes glamour, paradise and sparkling decadence, as could only be expected from series director Chi Chi La Rue. "There's a lot of water, a lot of beach," remarked Levine. "It's a two-disc set; the second disc includes Behind the Scenes, Where the Boys Aren't Throughout the Years, 17 bonus scenes. It's really gorgeous."

Levine also noted that pre-orders have been tremendous on the title, which ships today, and that distributors can get a special deal right now on WTBA 14-17, as well as a catalog special on volumes 1-13. 

As to how Vivid set out to make this edition of the series extra spectacular, Levine simply said, "We always try to outdo ourselves every time. That's just a company policy with Vivid."

Where the Boys Aren't 18 streets April 5. For sales, call Howard Levine at (866) 466-6969.