Vivid Entertainment Douses 'Lighted Candle'

LOS ANGELES - Vivid Entertainment LLC demanded that the Lighted Candle Society stop a misdirected campaign against the adult company over a confusing advertisement used to recruit models in Utah. Within 24 hours the campaign was removed from

The problem started with a confusing ad that appeared to have been placed on the site by swimwear manufacturer Vivid Vixen. The Craigslist ad sought interviews with "non-professional females."

The ad subsequently drew the ire of John Harmer, chairman of the Lighted Candle Society. Mr. Harmer posted a "Defend Your Family" message and petition on its website claiming that "Vivid Video is coming to Salt Lake City on Friday, March 7, 2008 to hold auditions for young women to appear in pornographic films."

For those unfamiliar with the Lighted Candle Society, its website states that "the first mission of the Lighted Candle Society is to engage in litigation with the producers and distributors of pornography." A message on the society's donation page reads, "No matter how large or small your donation you will have made a commitment in behalf of defeating the Goliath of hedonism that now threatens our nation."

The Harmer message went on to state:  "As published in their advertisement, the purpose of this audition is the act of soliciting for illicit sex and is a violation of Utah's pandering statute."

Upon learning of the Harmer campaign and the ad mentioning Vivid Vixen, Vivid Entertainment immediately notified Harmer's office that Vivid Entertainment is not hosting auditions in Utah, "has had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with placing the ad in question on Craigslist," and referred him to the Vivid Vixen website.   

Vivid Entertainment demanded Harmer to immediately notify all recipients of this error.

For more information about Vivid Entertainment, please contact [email protected].