Vivid-Alt Unveils <i>The Doll Undeground </i>

LOS ANGELES - Vivid-Alt has announced the release of The Doll Underground ( ), the latest creation from director Eon McKai that already has already sparked a buzz in the online community.

Clips from the movie, which will be released on March 20, spread virally throughout the blogosphere with a mysterious "first communiqué" early in 2007. And the talk has only gained momentum, according to McKai.

“I have never received so many emails and MySpace messages about a movie before it was released. This title already has an army of fans and it’s kind of spooky,” McKai said.

The Doll Underground was inspired by stories of violent radical left groups from the 1960s whose objective was to overthrow the government through a series of attacks, most notoriously plans to bomb government buildings.

Pixie Pearl stars as sexy revolutionary leader, Dorn Adorn. Her fellow female "Dolls" include starlets Lexi Belle and Reagan Maddux. Male "Dolls" and social deviants include James Deen and Alex Gonz, while Herschel Savage plays "Owners" adversary, Mr. Davis.

The group recruits "young women to rise up from their homogenized suburban environments and unite against the tyranny of big business." Strapped with home-made explosives, the "Dolls" plot to take down the financial dictatorship of the "Owners" against the backdrop of Los Angeles. The famed Belmont Tunnel, which is an actual designated historic monument from the 1950s, serves as headquarters of the group, and for the “Dolls” it is the ultimate symbol of the urban decay that "will lead to the downfall of society."

The "Dolls" dress in gothic style, drawing inspiration from the Victorian and Edwardian eras. The combination of the feminine and Goth aesthetics add a surreal twist to the high-def feature.

The three-disc set includes commentary, on-set photos, archival video propaganda, a behind-the-scenes feature and a behind-the-dolls uniform featurette. The soundtrack includes tracks by the experimental Terminal 11; the indie group, A Trillion Barnacle Lapse; the hardcore Sailboats are White; in addition to music by Nonplus and Dog.

Pulse Distribution will distribute the movie with a street date of March 27.