Vivid-Alt's 'Honey Bunny' Screens in NYC

NEW YORK - The art collective Monkey Town will screen director Vena Virago's Vivid-Alt movie Honey Bunny Saturday, Dec. 27 as part of its fourth annual "Porn Week."

Monkey Town artists worked with Virago on visual effects for the trippy porn feature, and the version screening this month is a "remixed" cut with contributions by the artists in attendance.

"Vena Virago is the only pornographer who can work the porn market and the art scene at the same time.  Monkey Town artists are a big part of Honey Bunny," said Vivid-Alt head Eon McKai.

In the movie, Page Morgan plays an actress who falls into a brightly colored world of sex and obsession. Virago shot scenes from Honey Bunny at a downtown Los Angeles art space where an exhibit of her work included a tribute naming all the women of the AVN Hall of Fame.

Monkey Town screens video art, short films, features and documentaries at its Williamsburg space.

This year's Porn Week includes a side-by-side screening of Radley Metzger's X-rated classics Score and The Lickerish Quartet, and a program of short works ranging from lost early stag films to contemporary avant-garde sex vids.

The public is invited to meet the artists involved in creating the world of Honey Bunny.

WHERE:    Monkey Town at 58 N. 3rd St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn (between Wythe & Kent Ave.) / 718-384-1369.

WHEN:    Saturday, December 27th starting at 10 p.m. 

RSVP: For more information or to RSVP, contact Monkey Town at 718-384-1369 or visit