Vivid Alt Rolls Out Trailer for McKai’s <i>Debbie Loves Dallas</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Vivid Alt, the alternative branch of Vivid Entertainment Group, has released the trailer for director Eon McKai's upcoming Debbie Loves Dallas on the company's website ( McKai's highly anticipated release is a remake of the iconic 1970's classic film about sexually adventurous cheerleaders. Though it has no concrete release date yet, the movie is set to hit streets in August.

McKai's version, which was shot last August, is a predictably unorthodox take on the Debbie scenario, with Dallas being a rock band, rather than a place. "When you watch the trailer, it sort of lays out the groundwork for the movie...and there's a lot of 'they did this, but we're doing this,'" MacKai told AVN. "The whole movie, and the way we're marketing it, sort of deals with those kinds of things…trying to bridge the gap between the old school and the new school."

McKai explained that he originally wanted to title the movie Debbie <3 Dallas or D <3 D, and is marketing the trailer as such through various websites including YouTube and MySpace. "That whole symbol thing might be a little confusing to some people, but the kids seem to get it," McKai said.

Veteran director Paul Thomas also did a remake of the Debbie classic with Vivid's April release of Debbie Does Dallas...Again. The title was the first adult release to be available in standard DVD, HD DVD and Blu-ray formats.

A seven-part reality series on the making of McKai's Debbie, along with the parallel version by Thomas, aired on Showtime earlier this year.

"What you see on the reality show is basically me landing at Vivid, starting Vivid Alt, and just getting acclimated. Everybody was getting used to each other. They gave us [Vivid girls] Cassidey and Monique [Alexander] to put in the movie, which was great…and it'll give people a little different look to an alt cast."

Cassidey plays the Debbie role in McKai's version, and Charlotte Stokely plays the part of Bambi Woods. "It's basically the story of these two best friends and they're fighting over a guy…you really don't know which one is going to get the guy until the very end, when Dallas plays a show."

Dana DeArmond and Pixie Pearl star as Stokely and Cassidey's slutty best friends. Dallas, the band, is comprised of Alex Gonz, Julius Ceazeher and Icarus Corpse. Alexander makes a special appearance as O.G. Debbie. Tommy Pistol, AVN Best Male Newcomer of 2007, and James Deen also star in the movie, and AVN Hall of Famer Fred Lincoln (Last House on the Left, Defiance) makes a cameo appearance as Bambi's father.

"We shot this almost exactly a year ago," said McKai, "so it's nice to see how some of these performers have grown since then. Dana DeArmond is a big star and Tommy Pistol won a great award.

"This is a fun movie and there's a lot of great sex. I would probably describe it much in the vein of my movie, Neu Wave Hookers. If people liked that, this one should deliver the goods."

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