Virginity: Once It's Gone, It's Gone

KUALA LUMPUR - The Malaysian New Straits Times reports that a disgruntled wife is suing her husband for more than a million dollars for the loss of her viginity.

The paper reported that the unnamed woman, a 30-year-old teacher, is claiming 3 million ringgit (or about $1.04 million) in damages.

According to the New Straits Times, the woman and her husband consummated their relationship after dating for a few months, then legally registered their marriage. However, the pair never went through the customary Chinese marriage rites.

The woman's lawyer, Ernest Chua told the New Straits Times, "What she has is a marriage on paper only. It's not the kind we all know and the kind all women want. It's a marriage obtained by misrepresentation."

According to the paper, after the couple, as the kids say, "hooked up," the man's parents began pressuring their son to divorce the woman. This is the testimony of the bride who also named her husband's parents in her suit for, according to the bride, who named in them in the suit for "inducing their son to breach the contract of marriage" and for causing her "humiliation and mental torture."

The woman has also asked the court to declare the marriage null and void.

All we can offer is condolences...and to add that even if it's made out of platinum, honey, it's never worth as much as you think it is.