Viral Load Results Indicate James was 'Patient Zero'

The viral load tests for Darren James and Lara Roxx, the two adult performers that were recently diagnosed as HIV-positive, indicate that James is “patient zero” of the current outbreak.

Viral loads indicate the amount of the virus per 1ml of blood. HIV-positive patients regularly check their viral load to monitor the virus’ progression. The general rule of thumb is the lower the viral count, the better.

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The viral load can also indicate which person transmitted the virus to the other.

Darren James had a viral load count of 121,000, while Lara Roxx has a viral load count of 605,000. According to Sharon Mitchell, PhD, executive director of the AIM Healthcare Foundation, those results point to James as “patient zero,” the person who brought the virus into the adult community for this isolated outbreak.

“Roxx’s was higher, but that means it’s more recent because we know it surges in the first 18 to 30 days,” Mitchell said.

James’ test results showed that his viral load was on the way down, indicating he had the virus for a longer period of time.

James' is believed to have been exposed to the HIV-virus while working in Brazil last month. It is not yet known how James acquired the virus.