Video-X-Pix Pursues Transfer of Classics to HD

MILLSTONE TOWNSHIP, N.J.—Golden Age adult label Video-X-Pix has begun transferring its library of classic triple-X titles to high-definition format in an effort to preserve them in as pristine condition as possible.

Choosing its best-selling release on DVD, Inside Little Oral Annie, as the first recipient of this treatment, VXP has invested in the costly process of restoring and remastering the film in full 1080 resolution using the original 35mm camera negative. The company plans to make ILOA available in its new HD glory via VoD and Blu-ray as soon as possible, with other titles to follow should market interest prove strong enough.

"Me and my business partner, Jamie, are totally committed to preserving the legacy of Distribpix/Video-X-Pix, which my father started in 1965, as well as other film collections," owner Steven Morowitz told AVN. "We have been heavily involved for the past three years thrusting ourselves into our vault, and in the process it has taken us on an educational roller coaster. 

"It is very expensive, the entire process, from the archiving to transfers to extras—interviews, commentaries, etcetera—to post work," Morowitz continued. "Plus, we have had to invest heavily in new equipment with powerful processing capability to handle these files, and of course lots of storage and crazy lab fees. We want to be the only classic company for XXX that is all HD, and we can. I am addicted, just like a drug addict, on preserving all this material."

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