Victoria Givens Hosts New ATM Reality Site and Torrid Pictures announced today the launch of, a new adult reality-based Website. The site boasts exclusive ass-to-mouth scenes starring porn star Victoria Givens and content from over 44 other niche sites as well. Niches include Amateur, Anal, Asian, Bizarre, Black, Chat, Fetish sites, Flashing, Gay, Gay Chat, Gay Voyeur, House Wives, International, Latina, Lesbian, Live shows and chat rooms, Pee Sites, other Reality Sites, and many more, all hosted by

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Victoria Givens

“ was inspired by the fact that production companies are marketing the terms ‘ATM’ or ‘Ass2Mouth,’” Torrid Pictures’ Cee Fore told Research showed us that no one was doing a reality-based site on this niche.” features host Givens as a naughty huntress on the prowl for ass-to-mouth lovin’. She searches for girls and couples at ATM machines and offers her assistance, assuring them she can show them a better kind of ATM. She explains that the nearby cameramen are doing a documentary on the ongoing problems people are having with ATM machines across the country and proceeds to show them that ATM actually stands for ass-to-mouth and how much more effective her ATM is compared to a plastic card.

“Victoria takes them to various places like apartments, houses, and hotels,” said Fore. “As much as she would like to do the scene right there at the ATM machine, that probably wouldn't go over so well in public.” 

Although several studios have been promoting ass-to-mouth on their box covers and ATM content can be found on the Internet, Fore claims is actually the first ATM reality site.

"We will be releasing ATM Babes on video and DVD at a later date. We wanted to make it really fun and interactive on the Internet first,” stated Fore. “The DVD will have some of the same scenes from the Website, with added footage as well as behind-the-scenes footage.”

"I am having so much fun doing this site," Victoria noted. "Not only do I get to hunt the girls for these scenes, I also get to be as nasty as I want to be. Lots of ass-to-mouth, ass-to-other-girl's-mouth, cum swapping, cream pies. It's really a lot of fun. My kind of sex. Downright down and dirty!" 

"I did a scene with Aria for ATM Babes" Victoria continued. "Fabio and I picked her up having trouble with her ATM card. I won't ruin the video for you but I will say it was one very hot day." Other performers include Selena Silver, Ariana Jollee, and Kelly Steele, as well a lot of “girls next door.” will be updated weekly, including a fresh new “ATM Babe.”