Vicky Vette Wins Booble Crown

ATLANTA - Vicky Vette beat out Tera Patrick and ten other hopefuls to claim the title of Booble's Girl of the Year 2008.

Dozens of fiercely loyal, mammary-fixated fans flooded the online polls on Labor Day weekend to make their voices heard. Despite a last-minute surge in votes for Tera, the Vette Nation Army rallied to propel Vicky to victory by a margin of roughly 2,500 votes.

Vicky will receive $5,000 and prominent placement on the adult search engine. Her proud Viking breasts will be used to represent the two Os in the Booble logo.

"I am truly honored to win such an honor at my age," said the 43-year-old MILF. "It is a fan-based award, which makes it that much more special. Tera put 'both guns' into the competition with a huge fan base. It was really a challenge to beat one of the top porn stars in the world today. I did not think we would win, and when I say 'we', I am referring to my little 'Band of Pervs' - the guys who make up the 'Vette Nation Army' on the internet. Without them, our community of friends and porn lovers who chat and interact simply would not exist. I learned that if you simply do what no other porn stars usually do, interact, that you get a devoted following.  My 'Band of Pervs' is now all over the Net, on Myspace, Facebook, and Yahoo!, to name just a few. I really believe the world is going interactive; porn stars are not 'above' everyone else.  People are shocked to get real replies and it is amazing how loyal they become.  What a novel concept - communicating with the people that like you."

Ms. Vette went on to thank her fans at all the social networking site, her hardcore members at, the pervs at, and of course, Booble.

"Rest assured, I am overjoyed to be named Booble Girl of the Year and I look forward to exposing my Boobles as much as possible all over the internet for socially uplifting reasons," she said.

God bless America. Now can we take the rest of Labor Day off?