Vicky Vette Stalled By Organizers in Miss MySpace USA Contest

ATLANTA, Ga. — MILF performer Vicky Vette was banned by the organizers of the Miss MySpace USA contest, despite her claims that she was leading in the competition. Vette, who can be seen at her website, claims that her Miss MySpace USA profile began as the 49th most popular entry on the site and soon climbed to the top slot for the month of March.

It was then, Vette claims, that contest organizers removed Vette's profile. According to Vette's press release on the matter, the organizers claimed the removal was due to concerns over the potential linking of her profile to the adult and the possibility that minors could access the site. According to Vette, the Miss MySpace USA organizers then deleted her account. Vette says she then appealed to her fans, who swamped the organizers of the contest with angry e-mails.

Vette said through the press release, "I have as much right to be in a modeling contest as anyone. Just because I am in porn does not mean that I do not model. I modeled before porn and still do."

According to Vette's press release, the huge fan protest caused the Miss MySpace USA organizers to reconsider their stance and a new profile has been put up. In an e-mail from event organizers, Vette was told, "We're getting so much spam from your fans ... can you PLEASE tell them that you're back up in the running, and stop having them contact us."

Vette said of the controversy, "I am grateful that I have an army of fans out there and they were interested enough to write in on my behalf! When you have thousands of fans voting for you, I think it is important to see it through."

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