VH1 Honors Jenna Jameson in <i>Top Ten Jens</i> Special

VH1 has named Jenna Jameson “one of the brightest and most beautiful Jens in the universe,” profiling her in a new special dedicated to women with names that begin with “Jen.”

Jennifers - VH1's All Access: The Top Ten Jens will debut on April 17, following VH1’s heavily promoted four-and-half-hour blockbuster special, The Greatest: 100 Most Outrageous Celebrity Moments, and will be repeated several times.

Jenna Jameson is the only adult star among those who are mentioned in the pre-show promotion for the half-hour Top Ten Jens show, which will pick the top Jen’s from among Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Jennifer Connelly, Jennifer Capriati, Jennifer Beals, reality TV show Jens such as Survivor castaway Jenna Morasca and The Bachelor's Jen Schefft, and political Jens including Jenna Bush and Gennifer Flowers.

“With more than 50 adult films and her own doll under her belt, Jenna's got qualities the whole family can love, over and over and over again. Where will they land her among fellow Jens?” VH1 asks during their promo of the show.

Comics and pop culture pundits will join editors from Stuff, Us Weekly and Rolling Stone to “explore the careers, cash, boys, bods, and funny little details of pop culture Jens from film, TV, sports, politics, and even the jungles of the Amazon” to rank the top ten Jens.

Check your local listings to see when the special will play in your area.