VGR Systems Claims Future is Near

VGR Systems, Inc., which manufactures, distributes and services adult video arcades is preparing to announce “one of the most aggressive initiatives in decades.”

“We will begin to change the way images are looked at forever, by introducing high-tech viewing that's light years ahead of the competition,” said Dante Arstone, CEO of VGR Systems.

VGR formed a stategic alliance with a high-tech company in the United States, whose name they won't disclose, in order to provide technology to the adult entertainment industry that they feel will "meet the demands of a stagnated industry."

“This technology is something never seen before and certain to be a crowd pleaser,” said Arstone, who also notes that the technology will have an affordable pricing structure.

While not revealing any information on that initiative at this time, VGR Systems expects to be ready to release details within two months.