Veronica Rodriguez On Music Career, Dancing, Performing

A version of this feature appears in the February edition of AVN magazine. See the full digital issue here.

LOS ANGELES—Veronica Rodriguez switched her focus last year, devoting almost her entire year to launching her music career.

“I was hitting the studio and learning,” Rodriguez tells AVN. “There was a lot to learn. I found a producer that gave me the idea because I have so many followers on my Instagram and if I can sell my porno videos, I feel like I can sell music for 1 dollar. That’s why I started getting into it.”

The sexy Venezuelan star, who has been on a hiatus from doing boy/girl porn but continues to feature dance, started her studio work with her producer and manager, Dashius Clay, in January 2018.

“I was really bad, bad with music. I didn’t have a good voice. I had to get a vocal teacher and see her twice a week,” Rodriguez says.

The artist known as V Rod dedicated herself to getting better, creating six songs—none of which were released—before finding her rhythm with what became her first official single, “Hola.”

“‘Hola’ was my seventh song. I love how it came out. This was my song to introduce myself in the music world,” she says. “It was my first video and in two months it had over 250,000 views [on YouTube], a lot of downloads on Spotify and other platforms.

“I had a lot of people harassing me, telling me to go back to the porn business, that I don’t know how to sing. But I completely ignore all the bad comments. Then I put out my second song, which I was singing in Spanish and English.”

Her second song—a Latin trap single called “No Pueden,” also features Jay Maly.

“Everybody liked it better. I used a lot of attitude in the first song and the second song I wanted to do with no attitude,” she says.

Her third song, “Certified Drip,” a collaboration with Venezuelan artist San T and reality TV personality, Jozea, was released in late January.

“It’s all about me squirting and me being a hustler and a porn star,” explains Rodriguez, who collaborates with Dashius Clay on the beat.


In between studio sessions, Rodriguez performed in select girl/girl sex scenes, posted naughty content on her lucrative OnlyFans account and feature danced sometimes as many as three times a month.

She recently signed with the New York-based Centerfold Strips for future feature dance bookings.

“I make a lot of money feature dancing,” Rodriguez says. “I’m really good at the pole dancing. I prefer feature dancing to actually shooting scenes. I don’t think I can do three weekends every month…I told [Centerfold president] Danny [Capozzi] every other other weekend.”

Rodriguez is also a free agent in terms of porn bookings.

"I just go to LA every other month and shoot five scenes when I’m there. I book myself,” she says. “Since I shot so many scenes for eight years producers know me.”

Rodriguez, who has more than 300 DVD credits, says she’s shot “over a thousand” scenes in her career.

“I wanted to settle down,” she admits. “I wanted to have normal relationships. I’ve always been really smart on social media. I stay out there; I’m always doing something. Then I started my website and I feel like when I was in the porn business with my porn company and my websites—I  feel like when I start doing something that everybody follows up after me.”

Even with her entrepreneurial success, fans and the freedom that comes with financial independence, the 27-year-old native of Miami says she is not even close to being done.

“I’m not satisfied yet,” she says. “I always want more. I think I did great in the porn business. I feel like I could’ve done better. If I do even more my name would get bigger, but the older I get the more different I think and the less I want to be looked at as a porn star.

“I want to make real money—like money like a normal person—and settle down with somebody, have a real relationship. When I was a porn star, I couldn’t have a real relationship.”

Rodriguez continues, “I want to make money in other ways and try to get naked less. I’m still trying to figure out how to make the same or more amount of money without having to get naked. I get my Fleshlight check every month for almost two years now. I always promote it online. I’m really proud of being one of the Fleshlight Girls.”



Photography by @ohrangutang