Verizon Mistakenly Directs Medicare Callers to Sex Line

PITTSBURGH – Callers in Western Pennsylvania using Verizon's 2007 White Pages to find the number for Medicare are in for a big surprise.

That's because the listing for the toll-free number in the directory is outdated and now sends callers to a Philadelphia-based sex chat service.

Lisa Johnson, a Verizon spokesperson, told the Associated Press that the error should not have occurred and noted that the correct Medicare number will appear in the 2008 directory that will be distributed in March.

Until then, if you need Medicare information in Western Pennsylvania, you can call (215) 563-4757 for Part A or (866) 488-0648 for Part B.  

If you want to call the phone sex line, just look up the number for Medicare in the 2007 White Pages.