Venom Unveils <i>Paris & Nicole Go to Jail</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Venom Digital Media's first high-definition release takes a puckish stab at a certain high-profile pair of Hollywood socialites recently in the news for bad behavior with Paris & Nicole Go to Jail.

Explained director Jordan Septo of the movie's proceedings, the girlfriends in the title "find that life is different on the inside, and at first have trouble adapting, but soon learn how to get things in prison by becoming friendly with the warden, the guards, the inmates, things of that nature."

Playing Paris and Nicole are Sindee Jennings and Aubrey Addams, respectively. The cast also includes Kelly Wells, Stacy Thorn, August, Lee Stone, Sascha and Jenner.

Not only is Paris & Nicole Go to Jail Venom's first HD effort, Septo pointed out, but "this is the first feature that we've ever done, where we actually had a script, shot hard and soft, shot it on high-definition; this is all stuff we usually don't do."

It's stuff, however, that they will be doing again, according to Septo. "I think every couple of months we'll do a feature like this," he said, "and those will definitely be on high-definition."

As to how he feels about the conduciveness of HD to porn, Septo remarked, "I'm still reserved. I've heard different opinions, but I don't have one yet." Paris & Nicole Go to Jail is going to be released on standard-def DVD for the time being, though for broadcast, it will be in full high-definition. The title is scheduled to street in mid-Sept.