Venom Lets ‘Genie’ Out of Bottle Next Month

CHATSWORTH, Calif. - Boarding the sitcom parody bandwagon, Venom owner Jordan Septo is about to unbottle I'm Dreaming of Genie, his take on the classic I Dream of Jeannie. The movie will arrive on DVD and Blu-ray disc Feb. 25 through Juicy Entertainment.

The success of X-Play's Not Bewitched XXX (AVN's Best Sex Comedy of 2008) seems to indicate that there's an audience out there eager for a new look at this other icon of the sitcom supernatural, first seen in 1965.

Leading lady Jessica Lynn bears a strong resemblance, in face, figure and costuming, to the beloved original Jeannie, Barbara Eden.

Alec Knight co-stars as the Air Force captain who discovers the sexy sprite, the role first played by Larry Hagman. The supporting cast includes Asa Akira, Daisy Marie, Phoenix Marie, Harmony, Trina Michaels, Jessica Bangkok, Otto Bauer, Lee Stone and Jenner.

Venom makes its bread and butter from gonzo lines such as Absolute Ass, Great Big Tits, Super Squirters and Daddy's Lil' Whore. In the past year, the company stepped into feature production with the pornographic celebrity spoofs Paris & Nicole Go to Jail and Getting It Up with the Kardassians.

"We are trying to do more features," Septo told AVN, "but only when we come up with a project that I think will really work. The recent trend of doing classic TV shows along with the sexy nature of the original Jeannie show seemed like a perfect combination and the perfect time to do it."

Septo previewed Genie at the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo to what he called an "overwhelming response" from customers and fans. A 20-ft. banner of Lynn as Genie dominated the Exquisite/Multimedia/Juicy Entertainment conglomerate booth. Lynn herself was on hand, in full genie garb, to greet fans and sign posters for the movie.

Septo credits his presence at AEE with building up sales buzz. "We built such an anticipation, such a frenzy for the release of this movie, it's just incredible," he said. "And we never would have been able to do it without introducing it to the fans and the buyers together."

For Septo, AEE is still the perfect place to introduce a new product. "If you don't go to AEE with your 'A game' and show your customers we're still here and say, 'Look at what we're doing for this coming year,'" your customers are going to count you out," he said. "It's been that way for 25 years and it's not changing."

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