Venom Digital Uncorks <i>I'm Dreaming of Genie 2</i>

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—Venom Digital Media this week unveiled I’m Dreaming of Genie 2, the sequel to the best-selling title in the company’s history.

Jessica Lynn returns to star in the lead role and this time she is joined by super MILF Lisa Ann who plays her “evil sister.”

“This is my favorite movie. I think it’s the best one,” said producer/director Jordan Septo, who also owns Venom Digital. Venom's movies are exclusively distributed by Juicy Entertainment. “Everything just came together for it. The cast was great. Lisa Ann was a great addition and Jessica Lynn is so much better in this one than the first one—her acting and performing and everything.”

Lynn, a San Diego native who started her adult film career in early 2007, said she felt even more comfortable in the role this time.

“Definitely. The first one I think I was just getting the hang of, and the second time around just came so easily," Lynn said, adding that she watched a lot of YouTube videos of the original show to prepare for the character made famous by Barbara Eden. "She was really peppy. I don’t want to say air-heady, but she wasn’t quite there. I just practiced by saying the lines by myself."

It’s been exactly one year since Venom released the first I’m Dreaming of Genie and promoted it heavily at the 2009 AVN Adult Entertainment Expo. Based on the fanfare generated by Lynn dressed in her sexy genie costume at AEE 2009, Venom orchestrated the same marketing blitz for the 2010 AEE  Jan. 7-10 in Las Vegas.

“It was unbelievable how many people were coming up to her. We were just amazed,” Septo said. The starlet wowed the Vegas crowds. “People were amazed how much she looks the part.”

Lynn told AVN that when she was in high school one year she actually dressed up like the genie from the show for Halloween. She admits now that she does resemble the classic character, especially after hair and makeup. She said that three weeks ago at AEE in Vegas that she saw many of the same fans that came up to her last year.

"It was fun. I got a lot of attention," Lynn said.

Genie 2 is Venom’s fourth scripted parody. The company’s first parody was Paris & Nicole Go to Jail. Then Venom released Getting It Up with the Kardassians before its original Genie movie.

“This was definitely a bigger project," Septo said. "This was diving in a little deeper, having to get costumes for everyone, and really having stricter guidelines to adhere to in terms of story and content. And it was definitely the most fun to do."

If fans have yet to watch the first Genie, they can still appreciate the new one.

“They pretty much stand alone, it’s its own story from start to finish,” Septo continued. “We tried to keep it true to the original show, where you can catch any episode you want. Each one is its own story.”

Miss Lynn worked with Tommy Gunn in Genie 2. One of porn's top leading men plays her ex-boyfriend who is also a genie. "I was inside my bottle just relaxing and he plays Gideon. I haven’t seen him a long time. We have a couple lines and then go into some hardcore sex," Lynn recalled. "It's a really good scene. I've worked with him four times before that, so we knew each other."

In addition to being a porn star, Lynn is also a college student studying both business and cosmetology. "I love being in the industry and doing scenes," she said. "I'm going to school right now but I plan on always doing scenes whether I have another career or not."

In Genie 2, Lisa Ann shares a sex scene with Alec Knight who plays the genie’s master. Septo said he was fortunate to secure Lisa Ann’s services given her tight schedule. Lisa Ann's popularity increased dramatically in 2009 on the heels of her '09 MILF Performer of the Year honor and notoriety as porn's Sarah Palin.

“She’s busy, she’s really busy. If I’m not mistaken she had just flown in from the night before from some gig she just did. But with her you don’t have to worry. When we talked to her about it, she had a pretty full schedule and we worked together to find a day,” the director said. “She really liked the idea. And she carries off her role to a tee.”